Sunday, August 7, 2011

Frankenstein Matchmaker

Vampires want to drink blood. Zombies want to eat brains. But Frankenstein’s monsters just want to hold hands. Hey… monsters need love, too!

That's the tagline from Dreamkind's new iPad/iPhone game Frankenstein's Matchmaker. This game is a word game that has Frankenstein like monsters walking across the screen holding signs and female monster's at the bottom with words under them. The goal is to match the female monster's word with the correct male monster's sign and then the hit the right male monster with Cupid's arrow.

There are four different modes including synonyms, antonyms, word jumbles, and rhymes. The idea is good and the game works well but after just a few minutes I was bored with the game. However if you like word games then this might be the game for you. Right now it's free in the iTunes store but grab it before the sale ends.

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