Thursday, August 18, 2011

ESPN Fantasy Football

This is the app I used all last year to "manage" my fantasy football team.  What I really had to "manage" was my anger since I could hardly ever sign in to use it.  To be fair part of the time was AT&T's fault since I was at Everbank Field and they didn't seem to have much data coverage there.  At first I gave this app a total pass because of that until I tried using it other places only to have the same problems.  If I was on Wi-Fi it worked fine but over 3G it was shaky at best.

When you can access it, this app will allow you to start and bench players, add, drop and claim off of waivers, accept or reject trades, it has live scoring, push notifications for injuries, and scoring updates, news and allows you to post to the message board.

I love ESPN the channels but whoever handles their IOS apps needs help.  One thing that got me very upset is that I bought this app for $4.99 when it first came out and then the app went to free.  I was fine with that except that they added ads to make it free and when they did that my app started to get ads as well.  So I paid $4.99 for an app that later added ads.  They should either refund my $4.99 or not put ads in my app.  They are now doing the same with the ESPN Radio app.  Also this app says it's iPad compatible but it's an iPhone app that will run on your iPad. Between that and the hard time logging into the app I would stay away from this app.

Free in iTunes

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