Thursday, August 4, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger The Game

There are always two things I wonder about when I play movie tie in games, the first is will it spoil the movie if I haven't seen it yet and the second is how bad will is this game going to stink. The answer to the first question is no this game will not spoil the movie, as it has a different plot. Surprisingly the answer to the second question is not at all, as this is a pretty good game.

Dez asked asked me last week if the combat was similar to Batman Arkham Asylum because of the one button for everything and not only is that the same but most of the game is similar. This borrows so much from Batman and why wouldn't they, that was a great game. The combat is very simular to Batman AA with the one button to do kicks and punches. If you haven't played AA you may think that sounds dumbed down but it works very nicely. Also when you push up on the d-pad Captain America enters a special vision mode. In this mode you can see where you can jump, collectables glow even more, and enemies glow, very much like you guessed it AA. Unlike AA you can't stay in this mode, it only last several seconds. Like Batman and his batarang Captain America can throw his shield and target more than one enemy at a time. This is an upgrade that you get as you go along. I got up to four people I could target in one throw.

Like many other games you get the same enemies over and over however in this game it makes sense. For the most part the game is enjoyable but there are some boss battles that get annoying. Not because they are cheap or impossible but because you have to wait on the boss to do something. Sometimes they just run around and it takes forever to beat them. This was really only the case on one or two boss battles.

If you like collectables then you will love this game. It is filled with different things to collect and do in the game. Almost so much that at points it seems over the top. Most rooms will have at least one collectable, a fair amount have three. If you take your time you can rack up some achievements finding all of them.

Aside from the campaign which is fun there are challenge rooms, yes you guessed it like AA, in which you have different goals to reach in a certain amount of time. These challenge rooms can be addicting trying to get the gold in each of them and give the game replay value.

Overall [Rating:3.5/5]

If I judged this game off of other movie tie in games, it could be game of the year. As a game overall it has fun gameplay, the graphic are good but not great and it has about five to six hours of gameplay through the campaign. I might would buy it at a bargain price but it's defiantly worth a rent.

Achievements [Rating:4/5]

In one play through and playing one challenge room I was able to get 550 achievement points. If you like looking for collectables you will get a bunch more. Also don't skip the credits as there is a 13 point achievement for watching them.

Questionable Content [Rating:0/5]

I don't remember anything in this game that would keep me from letting my kids play it.

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