Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello. App for Facebook

Since Facebook hasn't yet put out an iPad app (it is coming though, real soon) we have to look at other apps out there. Hello does a pretty good job, when it works.

Hello put most everything you want to do on Facebook in their app. You can read your news feed, look at your profile, bookmark a post so you can find it later, chat with people, check in to Facebook places, see birthdays, see messages, manage other accounts, add pictures, add status, and browse or add friends.

One thing I thought was pretty cool is that when you check into places it shows you friends that have checked in close to you. Also being able to manage other Facebook accounts that you are an administrator for is a nice touch.

As nice as this app looks and with all the stuff it offers, I still don't like it. The main reason is that it seems to have a hard time pulling your information from Facebook. When I go to use it a fair amount of the time it says Facebook is down or having trouble. I never have trouble going to Facebook on Safari, so it must be the apps problem. It also has several bad ratings for adding ads in the app. I got it after it was free but it sounds like it was a paid app and when they added ads they didn't separate who had bought the app from who didn't. Overall for a free app it's pretty nice, at least it's something to hold you over until the official Facebook app is released.

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