Monday, June 20, 2011


Wunderlist is a web based to do list, that has a desktop app and an app for the iPad and iPhone. It’s easy to make a to do list or shopping list on the computer and sync it to the app. The fact that it’s a cloud based to do list makes this app sweet. Not only can I add things to the list but I can share lists with people and have them add to the list. So in my Wunderlist app I have a to do list that is for me and then I have shopping list that I share with my wife. She can update the shopping list but not my to do list. This works well for letting my wife add items to the grocery list or things we need to grab while in town. You can put due dates on list or just have a running list.

Once in the app there are check buttons next to every item on your list. Once you’re done with that or picked up that item, check it off and it takes it off the list. There are also some cosmetic features like being able to change the background picture. The best part is it’s free. I’ve been using this app for several months now and it has become my go to app for to do list.

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