Monday, June 20, 2011


When I first heard about Rdio I had my doubts. I’ve tried many different music streaming services, where you pay a monthly fee to stream the music you pick, and it’s never been good. Most of them didn’t have a good selection but not Rdio. I was blown away by some of the artist I was able to find. Not only can you find artist but they have most if not all of their CD’s. So I was impressed before I even installed the app.

The app allows you to search for music from your phone and add it to your collection, look for new releases, play playlists, web queue, see what’s getting played a lot, see what random people are listening to, your history, recommendation based on what you have in your collection, and see what’s topping the chart. Of course it will also let you play the songs in your collection as well. The player works and looks much like your ipod. You can either stream the music or download it on your phone. If you download load it, you can only use it in the app, which is understandable. Streaming work is flawless if you have 3G coverage however over Edge it’s not so good.

The weird think with this service is that they try to make it social but they don’t do it very well. You can follow friends or random people but in the app I don’t see how to do that. I had to go to the website to add someone. Also for a service that was trying to be social it seems that you would be able to post to Facebook or Tweet what you were listening too and you can’t. Not that these are deal breaker or even really matter. Another downside is that it doesn’t appear that you can make playlist from with in the app. That maybe a feature that is coming soon.

Over I think if you are a music lover who buys a lot of CD’s this might be worth it for you. The app is free and you get one week to try out the service. After that if you still want to use it on your iPhone it’s $9.99 a month, which isn’t too bad.

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