Monday, June 20, 2011


If you're in your 30's then you probably loved this game at the arcade or on the consules.  If you don't know what it is NBA Jam is an over the top 2 v 2 basketball game.  It was made famous by it's half court flipping dunks, basketballs on fire, and of course the catch phrases.  The iPhone version looks just the version on the Xbox 360 and has several game types like classic campaign, multiplayer, challenges, the Jam store, and play now. Just like the console versions you can unlock old players by playing through the campaign.

The controls are ok with the leftt thumb controlling the movement of your player while on the right side of the screen are three buttons that change if you are playing offense or defense. On offense they are sprint, shoot, or pass and on defense they are sprint, block, and steal. On offense if you hold the sprint button while running at the goal and slide your thumb to shoot, you will dunk the ball. Similar thing on defense if you hold the sprint button and slide your thumb to steal, you will shove the offensive player.

Overall after playing several games, the controls work pretty well. Like most ios games like this, having physical controls would be better but it’s not bad. I wasn’t able to try the multiplayer but it works either over WiFi or Bluetooth. The graphics look great and the gameplay is good. It normally sells for $4.99, but I was able to find it on sale for $.99. If you’re a big Jam fan it might be worth the $4.99 but if you can find it for $.99 I say everyone should pick it up

This app says it works on the iPad but there is also an iPad version that cost more.

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