Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cars 2

The crew from Radiator Springs is back in Cars 2 but this time around Mater takes center stage. Cars 2 starts with Lightening McQueen coming back for a visit after winning yet another Piston Cup. He is set to have some fun with his best friend Mater and also spend a little time with his girlfriend Sally. All of this changes when McQueen gets called out by Francesco Bernoulli, a Formula 1 race car, which Sally goes on and on about.

McQueen accepts the challenge to race in a three race circuit set up by former oil baron Miles Axlerod. Miles has given up the oil business and has made a new alternative fuel called Allinall. These races are to show how well Allinall works.

After Sally talks him into it, McQueen agrees to take Mater with him and that's were the fun starts. Mater and McQueen have a disagreement and Mater decides to go back home but before he is able to he is mistaken for an undercover agent. He then finds himself working with British spies Finn McMissile and Holly Shitwell.

That's pretty much the plot, this movie is way different from the first Cars or pretty much anything else Pixar has done. At first I wanted to compare it to a James Bond but I think a James Bond meets Inspector Gadget would be the best way to describe it.

The funny thing about this movie is the bad guys are lemons, not the fruit but cars that were never any good. So you end up with a Gremlin, Acer, and such as the bad guys. In one of their meetings there is several center displays of lemons.

Overall [Rating:3.5/5]
Overall the story to this movie wasn't as good as other Pixar movies but it was still really enjoyable.

Questionable Content [Rating:0/5]

The word hell is used a couple of times but other than that nothing to worry about.

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