Monday, June 20, 2011


BookMyne is an app that works with different libraries. I’m not sure how many library systems it works with however if it works with your local library it’s a must have app. In the app you can do several standard things like check the location of libraries around you, check hours of operation, and get the phone number. You can also search the library system to look for books and place them on hold at the library of your choice. Not only can you search by name for a book but you can scan the barcode of a book and search that way.

Since I check out a bunch of books for my little girl, one of the features I like is you can see what books you have out. It gives you a total number and lists them by name. This is great for when you are searching around trying to figure out if you have all the books you need to return, from this same screen you can renew books as well. Some libraries have additional features like being able to check you fines, changing your pin, and making a list of books you want to read.

If you are looking for suggestions there is a section for that as well. You can see books that have won awards or are popular. Then there is a social element as well. If you have an account with Goodreads you can sign in and have books suggested to you.

Overall if this app works with you local library system and you use the library at all, it’s a must have. It handles almost everything that you would do at the library’s website and is setup well. This is an app that will always have a spot on my iPhone.

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