Monday, June 20, 2011


If you like music and going to concerts, this is a must have app. BandMate works in a couple of ways, first if you keep music on your iPad/iPhone it will go through your artist and pull them into the app. If you’re like me and don’t keep music on you iPad you can either tie your Lastfm account in or put artist in manually. After the artists are in the app BandMate then makes a vertical scrolling calendar showing all the concerts these band are playing around you. You can set how far away you want it to look with the maximum being about 150 miles.

BandMate will also suggest other bands that are similar to the bands you have imported. They don’t ask to be added they are just added in and show a percentage of how close they are to the bands you like. It will even tell you what band they are comparing them to.

If you are like me there maybe a few venues that you try to keep up with what bands are playing there. BandMate lets you add favorite venues and shows what concerts are playing there. They do a really nice job of adding a picture if its a band that you are interested in and just list the artist and date if it’s not. This way bands that you like stand out.

There are several other features in BandMate like showing new releases of your favorite bands and bands they rank as similar. You can even choose how closely rated the other bands need to be. Set it low at 10% and get a bunch of bands or set it high at 90% to get bands that are closer to what you like or anything in between.

This app is beautiful and extremely well done. It works great and has a great user interface. It’s $2.99 in the app store and if you like concerts well worth every penny.

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