Friday, April 29, 2011

Draft Excitment

As a huge NFL and Jaguars fan, I always look forward to the draft. I think most fans do because it's a chance for your team to get better. However the last several years hasn't gotten me excited about the Jaguars. Don't get me wrong I liked the last two draft picks, I mean the O-line and D-line are extremely important but it's hard to get excited about an offensive or defensive tackle. Well let this draft made up for that.

Going into this draft I figured the Jaguars would take a DE in the first round (which they need) and maybe try to come back in the second round with a quarterback if Locker, Ponder or Dalton was still there. Never and I mean never did I even consider them drafting Blaine Gabbert, mainly because I thought he'd be long gone. Somehow though both the Cardinals and 49ers skipped out on taking a quarterback and the wheels started to turn. I started to think about the possibilities of the Jaguars trading up to get him.

When the Titans got on the clock I knew that was the end of that thought. Everyone knew that Vince Young is on the way out and the Titans needed a quarterback. Gabbert, who many experts said was the best qb in the draft, would surly be a Titans but no, they shocked everyone by picking Jake Locker. When it finally came around to the Redskins and I saw the Jaguars had traded for that pick I was as happy as a fat kid in a chocolate factory. I yelled so loud my wife came running upstairs to see what the problem was. That was the most excited I remember being about a draft pick since the Falcons selected Vick.

With all that aside this was a great pick. Now Gabbert could turn out to be a bust or so so player however you got the guy that most people thought was the best quarterback in the draft with the 10th pick and only had to give up a second round pick. True the Jags have many holes and could of used that second rounder but the chance to take a guy that could be a franchise quarterback is too good to pass up.

It also works nicely in that Garrard should be the starter this season, which will give Gabbert time to learn the NFL. I know since he was picked so highly many fans would like to see him in there right away and that could happen but it doesn't have to. If the Jags are comfortable with him, then let him start but if not you still have a very solid quarterback in Garrard. That is unless the 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks or another team gives you a great offer for Garrard. In which case Gabbert could be starting right away or would be sitting behind McCown until he's ready.

However it works out the quarterback position will be very interesting this year, as long as there's football. It will also be interesting to see how the Jags address other areas of need in the draft and free agency. They really need help at linebacker, defensive end, safety, and wide receiver. It should be an exciting couple of weeks.

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