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In Bulletstorm you play as Grayson Hunt, the leader of a black ops unit named Dead Echo. It's Dead Echo's job to take out some of the most violent people like drug dealers or so they think. When they learn that General Sarrano has used them to take out innocent people for political gain the squad goes AWAL. Now with bounties on their heads they are bent on revenge.

In a drunken rage Grayson takes down General Sarrano's ship killing lots of innocent people and most of his own crew. All that's left is him and Ishi Sato. Ishi however had to be fused with mechanical parts to survive. Now he battles for control of his brain from the computer that is a part of him. That's all in the beginning, from there you are battling to get to Sarrano. Ishi wants to reach Sarrano just to get off the planet but Grayson has other ideas. That's the story plot and it's a decent story for a FPS.

The game itself is very entertaining. In the beginning Grayson finds a whip that attaches to his hand. This whip can be used to pull things down or more importantly used to pull people towards him. When you grab a guy with the whip it jerks him towards you in slow motion, during which you can shoot them or wait until they are close and kick them. Once you get the hang of it you can move Grayson to make him kick the guy into things or off cliffs. You learn pretty quickly to pay attention to what is around you, so that you know what you can use to kill your enemies. The whip works really well for that however sadly pulling things down with the whip on works on certain items. The items you can use it on usually has a bright light that will shine over it every couple of seconds.

There are also several types of guns in the game. My favorite was the sniper rifle. The nice thing about the sniper rifle was at the end of every shot you take control over the bullet and guide it. The enemies try to dodge the bullet, which adds some difficultly. You can only equip two guns at a time but you can change which two you have at the dropbox, which leads into the dropboxes. Dropboxes are how you equip what weapons you are carrying, upgrade weapons and refill you ammo. They are located throughout the game and you use your whip to tie into them.

To buy things you don't use money but rather skill points. Skill points are awarded for the different ways you kill people. You get points for headshots, kicking someone off a cliff, kicking someone into spikes, shooting someone in the butt, and many more. If you don't have enough skill points then you can't buy ammo or upgrade weapons.

You are able to duck to take cover or go under something and of course you can also run. One feature I found myself using was the slide. By double tapping the A button it made your guy slide and he will slide until he hits something. This was a great way to get out of trouble or get behind someone. Also you could use the slide to slide into enemies and it will knock them into the air, making them easier to kill.

If you can get past the middle school humor and all the cursing than this game is pretty fun. Many of the monsters are very Gears of Warish. I think I even heard one of the big guys saying boom when he shot his gun. I did not try the online but would of liked to been able to try.

Questionable Content[Rating:5/5]
This game is one of the worst for language that I've played in a long time. F bomb's all over the place and lot of adult jokes. There is also drinking in the game and not only in the cut scenes. There is an achievement for finding and drinking 20 bottles. After drinking the bottle the screen gets blurry and anything you kill during this time you get extra skill points, the skill points awarded are called "Intoxicated". Because of this I have a hard time recommending this game to anyone even though it is fun.

In one play through on Easy I got 230 points and that took me about five to six hours.

Here is some gameplay footage.

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