Monday, March 21, 2011

Must have iPad apps

A friend of mine just got an new iPad and was asking what apps should she get. This is everyones first question when getting their hands on the goodness that is the iPad, so I thought I'd write up my a post on my favorite apps and what they do.

GoodReader- This app allows you to read PDF's, Word files and other types of files. I use this when someone emails me a document that I need to read. It also will allow you to download files from Google Docs and it's free.

Read it Later- This has become one of my favorite apps. You install the Read it Later plugin on Chrome or Firefox and it lets you tag webpages that you want to read later. Then you open the app and it downloads that page so that you can read it later without having to have an internet connection.

Evernote- Evernote is great for keeping up with notes and having them sync between your computer, phone and iPad. You can create notebooks for different types of notes, like mine has school work, prayer list and website ideas. I use this every week and it's what I use for my notes for the podcast.

AppShopper- This shows you apps that have recently been lowered in price. Not only will it show you that but it shows you the history of the app pricing. Very useful for looking for deals on apps.

Wunderlist- You could use Evernote to do the same thing but Wunderlist allows you to make list of things you need to do. Make a grocery list and simply check off the items as you get them. The thing I like about this app is that you can allow friends or family to modify the list. My wife puts things on our grocery list from her computer and it shows up in my app almost instantly.

World of Goo- The World of Goo is a few years old now but new to the iPad. It's a puzzle game that you have to get blobs of goo into a jar. To do that you have to use the blobs to build a tower but you have to be careful how you build it. If one side gets too heavy the tower will collapse. It starts out easy but get challenging pretty quickly. One of the best games on the iPad.

Angry Birds- You have to be living under a rock to not know what Angry Birds is by now but in case you have been, Angry Birds is a puzzle game in which you shoot birds into a building and try to knock the building down. The main goal isn't to knock the building down but to kill the pigs in the building. The pigs stole the birds eggs and the birds are out for revenge.

Cut the Rope- This is a puzzle game in which you have to figure out what ropes to cut and when in order to get the candy to your little monster. It's a simple game but gets challenging.

Flipboard- Flipboard takes your Facebook and Twitter feeds and turns them into a magazine. Now that Flipboard has been upgraded you can also use it for Google reader. Very nice and beautiful way to read feeds but not great for posting or interactivity with Facebook or Twitter.

Pulse News- Pulse Reader is a RSS reader that allows you to import RSS feeds from Google Reader. Pulse is laid out like film strips stacked on top of each other. Each feed is a film strip and there are up to twenty feeds per page with different five pages. You can move the strips left to see older posts.

Netflix- If you have Netflix this is a must have app.

ABC Player- It's free and plays most of the shows on ABC.

IMDb- IMDb is a website that keeps up with all movies, TV shows, actors and actresses. If you want to know every movie your favorite actor was in this is the place to find it. This app is laid out beautifully for the iPad.

Bible by YouVersion- I have tried many different Bible apps and this by far is the best. Not only does it have a ton of translations but it also has devotions and reading plans. The best part is it's free. The downside is most of the translations require you to have internet service to read but there are several versions that you can download.

Friendly- For some reason Facebook still hasn't made an iPad app, so for now Friendly is the best app. It allows you to most everything that you can do on the website, except of course play the flash games.

This is a quick list of my favorite apps. I didn't include any magazines but that are several magazine apps outs there.The great thing about an iPad is there are always new apps coming out and some many out there now that I am constantly finding new apps. If you feel an app should of been on this list please feel free to leave a comment letting everyone know about that app.

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