Sunday, January 30, 2011


Frozen is a movie about three people on a weekend ski trip, two long time friends and a girlfriend. You soon learn that these weekend getaways were something that the friends did often as guy time and one of the friends doesn't really like the idea of the girlfriend being around. Even though he gives his buddy a hard time about it, he does try to be nice to the girl.

When the ski resort has to close early because of bad incoming weather the trio talk the ski lift operator into letting them on for one last ride, that was a bad mistake. Because of several miss communications the ski resort turns off the ski lift and closes with the three still on the lift. At first the three thinks the operator is having some fun with them but soon realize that they are stuck. To make it worse they realize that it's Sunday and the resort doesn't open back up until Friday. That's when the fun starts. They are high enough that jumping is a big question but if they stay there they will freeze to death.

Overall [Rating:2/5]

This movie is entertaining and you could do much worse but it's not a must see by any stretch.

Questionable Content [Rating:4.5/5]

There is a fair amount of cursing in this movie and some graphic scenes. The graphic scenes were bad but they could of been much worse. I had to turn my head a couple of times fearing that it was going to get pretty gross.

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