Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Del Rio is safe

Yesterday there was a buzz all around Jack Del Rio. Del Rio was scheduled to have his postgame press conference but instead had to postpone it so he could meet with owner Wayne Weaver. This of course set the Twitterverse on fire with talks about if it was the end of Del Rio's time in Jacksonville. At the end of the meeting though Del Rio was safe for one more season.

Wayne Weaver after the meeting held his own press conference to let everyone know that Del Rio would be back next season however anything short of a playoff birth and the coach would be gone. My only problem with that is it was almost the same thing that was said last season. At the end of last season many fans, including myself, thought that Del Rio should be gone. Weaver however kept him around but with strong warning that this better be a better season and he would not settle for mediocrity. I'm not sure about you but I consider 8-8 to be the definition of mediocrity and losing the last three games was another season in which the Jags folded near the end.

Honestly I have no problems with Del Rio being back next season, in fact I think it's the right choice. Weaver still owes him a ton of money and the upcoming lockout I'm sure played a big role in Del Rio's return. Also what did we really expect from this team? It is in the second year of a rebuilding year. Most of the games were exciting and even in the losses the Jags were in most of them until the end.

My biggest problem with him returning was Mr. Weaver's big speech at the end of last season. I feel if you give that speech and the team does the same thing as the year before than the coach has to go. Also in this meeting Mr. Weaver took the defensive play calling duties away from Del Rio and put Mel Tucker in charge. If Del Rio is a defensive coach and you don't think he's doing a good job calling defensive plays then why let him stay?

Bottom line is as fans we have at least one more year with Jack on the sidelines. That may or may not be a bad thing but in eight years he's barely over .500 and 1-2 in the playoffs. Hopefully next year things will continue to come together and the Del Rio haters will either be disappointed or converted. The only reason I wish for this is because if Del Rio gets fired next season it means the Jags had a bad year.

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