Friday, December 3, 2010

The Silver Lining in the Jaguars loss

The Jaguars loss last Sunday to the Giants was somewhat disappointing. Not because going in I thought it was a game they should of won but because once the game started it looked like a game they should of won. They had plenty of chance and if a few things go differently then they could have walked out of there with a win. However with this loss there was a silver lining, the Jags played a good game against a top team.

The Giants are a more talented team than the Jaguars and still the Jags went to their place and was in the game until the end. I believe going into that game that the Giants defense was second in the league and the Jags ran and scored on them. Also going against a good pass rushing team the line held up and David Garrard played well.

Overall it was disappointing to see the Jaguars lose that game but after watching it I really believe that the Jaguars can play with anyone. They aren't the most talented team but when they play their game they are effective. They did however give up one of their two losses they could afford there, so they need to go on a winning streak starting in Tennessee.

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