Friday, November 19, 2010

Winning during a rebuilding year

Realistic Jaguars fans knew coming into this year that we were still in rebuilding mode. I know Del Rio was talking about winning the division but lets be honest, he was trying to protect his job. However so far this year the Jaguars are in the middle of things and have a chance at winning the division. Now if we face the facts it's mainly because the AFC South is down some this year. In years past the Jaguars would have already been four games back in their division because the Colts would have been on another one of their runs.

Since the Colts are coming back down to earth somewhat the Jaguars find themselves a little more than half way through the season and one game out of first place. Also with the Colts having a very tough game this weekend versus the Patriots, with a win against the Browns the Jaguars hold an excellent chance of being in first place after this weekend.

With all of this said and some excitement building for the team it is important to remember that we are in a rebuilding year. Enjoy the victories the Jaguars are getting but don't get to down on them for the losses. This team in the next two years will only getting better and become on the top rated teams in the league.

So enjoy this season and just keep in mind we are rebuilding. Who would of really thought that at this point in the season the Jags would be a game out of first and David Garrard would be the highest rated quarterback in the AFC.

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