Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Will the real Garrard please standup

Going into this year there were mixed options about David Garrard. Some thought he could be a good starting quarterback, some hoped he could, and it seemed most wanted him out of town and fast. Then when Garrard got hurt and Bouman played well, some thought Garrard was through in Jacksonville. So what happened? Garrard got hot really hot.

Garrard is 5-3 this season and in those five wins he has been great but in those three losses...well yeah. However in the past two games Garrard has been beyond hot, he is on fire. So much so that after week 10 in the NFL David Garrard is the second rated quarterback in the league. Yes you read that right David Garrard is only behind Mick Vick as the highest rated quarterback in the NFL. If you took out Garrard's three bad games he would be the highest rated quarterback by a large margin.

So we are asking will the real David Garrard please stand up. I know the last two games that he has been great the defenses he was playing against weren't so great. In Houston's case they were the worst defense in the league. Hopefully Garrard can take these games and use them as a springboard for the rest of the year.

This week he has the Browns which their defense is 24th in the league in total yards. He will need to have another good week because the two weeks after that get rough with the Giants and Titans. If Garrard continues to play well then the Jaguars have a chance but if he struggles then so do the Jaguars chances of making the playoffs.

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