Friday, November 12, 2010

Jaguars Podcast app now in the iTunes store

I am very proud to say that the Jaguars Podcast app was added to the iTunes app store last week. It's a free app (some say you get what you pay for) and it has all the content from this site. There are five sections in the app which include the podcast that you can stream, articles, Jaguars tweets (which doesn't work), schedule and contact.

The Jaguars tweets was working when the app was submitted but the RSS feed went dead sometime before the app went live. I was using a third party application that allowed me to include all tweets from Jaguars players and writers however the application was got overloaded and crashed. Because of this there will be an update very soon to fix this problem. Other than that everything else works great so go check it out and be sure to leave a review.

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