Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If I Ran Playstation Day 3

It's been a busy first two days here at PlayStation. The first day I took care of cross game chat by integrating Skype on the PS3 much like it is on the PSP. Then day 2 I fixed the system updates by having the PS3 cut on at 5 in the morning to download and install updates. Now what to do for day 3? This day I might not have as many answers as the first two days but today I want to tackle the PSP.

The PSP is one of the greatest if not the greatest handleheld but it doesn't seem to get much love. I think there are a couple of reasons for that and I'm taking care of all of them today. First thing I'm going to do is introduce a friends list for the PSP. This should be a two step process, first the PSP friends list should be able to tell which one of your friends on your PS3's friends list have PSP's and add them to your friends list. However since all of your PS3 friends will not have a PSP you don't want to add them all so it would just add the ones that own a PSP.

This has been one of the huge elements missing from the PSP. Now you will be able to invite friends to play with you on the PSP instead of random people or having a friends list for every different game. Then since I fixed cross game chat day one and the PSP already has Skype, you will have cross game chat and in game chat. I love it when a plan comes together.

Now we have chat and a friends list so the next step is trophies. Why doesn't the PSP already have trophies? I don't know but after my third day on the job they will. The trophies will be added into your PSN total so both PS3 and PSP trophies will be under one account.

This might not be possible but it how awesome would it be to be able to play on your PSP with friends playing on their PS3. I know not all games would be able to do this. However multiplayer Mini's or some of the downloadable stuff there could be that option. This would probably never happen though because of all the work it would take and the limited titles you could make it work well or be fair.

That would about do it for my third day on the job. I'm afraid I maybe working myself out of a job here. Well if I am then maybe I can go out for the Tester Season 3 since I just missed Season 2.

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