Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If I Ran Playstation Day 2

Day one was a huge success and an easy fix but what to do now. The second day I would tackle something that's not as easy to fix, system updates. This is the next biggest complaint of PS3 owners is that there is always a system update and they take forever to install. The reason this isn't as easy to fix is because I have no idea how Sony handles their updates. What I mean it would get really technical and I don't know what they are doing now to know where to start. However I do have a solution that would be pretty easy. Downloaded and install the updates at four in the morning.

This is an option for PlayStation plus members, also how some Windows computers are setup to get updates. Think about it, who cares how long an update takes if it's doing it in the middle of the night and not right before you are wanting to play a game.

For Plus members you can turn this option on and the PlayStation, if left in sleep mode, will turn on download the update, install it and cut off. I would make this feature not only available for everyone but it would be on by default. I would make it on by default because most users would never know about it if it wasn't on by default.

Now you simply wake up in the and you're good to game. In the same line I would set it up to so that you could check demos or games that you wanted to keep up to date. Then when the demo comes out or an update to Modnation Racers, the system would cut on and download the update. How about that!

This should of been two days worth of work cause I just knocked out system updates and game updates. Wow I'm tired. I think I'll take a nap now and dream about what day three might bring.

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