Friday, November 12, 2010

Aaron Kampman gone for the year

On the last play of practice Thursday Aaron Kampman tore his ACL on his good knee and is done for the year. This is a major blow to the Jaguars. As a fan I would say Kampman is the second most important guy on the team behind only MJD. He has taken the leader role on the defense and helped out defensive line become a bright spot of the team.

With him out the defense will really need to step it up a couple of levels. The only good thing about him being out is that Austen Lane and Larry Hart will get plenty of playing time. With the extra playing time hopefully they will continue to get get better and make us a strong team next season when Kampman comes back.

I really think the Jaguars had a tough road to get to the playoffs anyway and without Kampman that road just got harder.

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