Friday, October 15, 2010

Warming up to Scobee

I know it's not an easy life to be a NFL kicker. You get out there and have one shot at kicking a small ball a long way through the uprights. If it's a game winning field goal and you make it you are king of the world but if you miss one anytime in the game then you're a bum. That's the life of a kicker.

Most everyone knows I'm not a fan of Josh Scobee. I mean he seems like a nice guy but in years past it's seemed like he let the pressure get to him. He could nail meaningless field goals all day but put him in there when the Jags needed it and he couldn't come through. At least that's the way I saw things however not this year.

This season Scobee has been money. Not only nailing the third longest field goal to win a game in NFL history but every time he has a kick. So far on the season he is perfect and the Jaguars aren't making it easy on him. Scobee has only tried one field goal less than 40 yards. Meanwhile he is 7 for 7 between 40-49 yards and 2-2 from 50 plus yards.

If Scobee keeps up at this rate I see a Pro Bowl in his future. He's alway had a strong leg but now he's putting it all together. It's taken seven years but I'm finally starting to warm up to Scobee.

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