Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time to step it up Mr. Walker

Going into this year Mike Sims Walker was suppose to be our number one receiver. He had earned that by his play last season but so far he isn't living up to the billing. MSW has one hundred yard game this year and most of that was after the game was out of reach. In the other three games has caught a total of 2 passes for 34 yards. That's not even a catch a game.

Meanwhile Mike Thomas is looking more and more like the number one guy. Thomas doesn't have a hundred yard day yet but has more catches and more yards. The Jaguars need someone to setup and be that clear number one target. That guy that David Garrard can depend on catching anything around him. That guy last year was MSW, and now we would love to see him get back to that form today versus the Bills.

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