Saturday, October 2, 2010

The disappearing act of Mr. Cox

Coming into this year there were a couple of things as Jaguars fans we felt sure of, MJD would have another great year, our defensive line would be much better and many of our second year players would improve, including Derek Cox.  After his rookie season many of us had penciled in Derek Cox as a very solid started and having a chance to grow into one of the top defensive backs in the NFL.  So what happened?  That seems to be the million dollar question.

Derek had a strong season last year so hopes for him were high but when camp started he didn't look nearly as sharp.  Then in the preseaon he still didn't look sharp.  Word came out that he had been playing through some foot injury and that had hampered him.  After getting pulled in the Denver game, he was inactivated for the Chargers game.  A game that the Jaguars would need as many defensive backs as they could get.  He was active for the last game but I don't think he played at all.  Not since Shawn Collins have I seen a guy have a great rookie season and then disappear.

It doesn't appear that Derek is hurt but that his confidence is fading.  David Jones has stepped into Derek's spot and played alright but make no mistake about if the Jaguars want to stand a chance against the Colts Derek needs to be in the lineup and playing again like he did last year.

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