Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Should the Jags be shopping Garrard

David Garrard had a nice game Sunday against the Colts show casing most of his talents. So the question I have is should Gene Smith start shopping Garrrard now? Think about this, the more he plays well the more his value goes up and we know he isn't the future here so why not start shopping him.

Now I'm not saying the Jaguars are shopping him or that they should be in a hurry to unload him however if they could get the right kind of deal then goodbye David hello Trent. The problem with this is that unless you get a backup quarterback in the trade then you weaken yourself at the position. With Garrard gone you would have Trent Edwards as your starter and Todd Bowman as the backup, that is unless the Jaguars went out and signed another quarterback to be the backup.

Why would the Jaguars even think of trading Garrard now? Well to me that's simple, one he isn't the future and two I'm not so sure the Jaguars wouldn't be better off with Trent Edwards as a starter anyway. David's biggest problem as a quarterback is that he doesn't throw the deep ball well. He doesn't seem to anticipate where his receivers will be and throws the ball late. Even in the playoff game against the Steelers a few years ago, when he hit Dennis Northcutt on that deep ball, Northcutt had to wait for it to get there. It was only because he was so wide open that it was completed.

It would be a move that would turn some heads in the NFL but in the long term if the deal was right, it would be the best move. In the short term I don't think it would hurt the team either. Not saying it has to happen but if I was Gene Smith I would be making some phone calls starting with the teams that put a claim in for Edwards. I know I would be shopping Garrard.

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