Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nice win by the Jaguars

Make no mistake about it this was an important win for the Jaguars. The Bills may have looked like a push over since they haven't won a game and their defense is near the bottom of the league against the run but they always play the Jaguars tight.

A few things that stood out in this game to me was the defensive line continuing to improve and put pressure on the quarterback. We have had some bad free agent moves but Aaron Kampman looks like he is worth every dollar the Jaguars gave him. He had two sacks today and put pressure on the quarterback several other times. Also Mike Sims Walker had a nice game. However the big thing I noticed was David Garrard.

If you've listened to this podcast for any length of time you know one of biggest problems I have with David Garrard is when things start going bad for him it snowballs and it seems he can't turn it around. That wasn't the case today as the team turned the ball over three times and Garrard continued to play well.

With this win the Jaguars are now tied for first place going into a Monday Night game against the Titans. It should be a fun week and next Monday we should hear more talk about the Jaguars on national radio than we have all year.

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