Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MSW on trading block? Who comes up with this?

Ever hear a rumor and start to wonder where did something like that start? That was my thought when I first heard rumors of Mike Sims Walker being on the trading block. Chris Mortensen of ESPN seems to have started this rumor or at least he's getting credit for it. The reports are that Mike Sims-Walker is on the trading block due to Tiquan Underwood.

Now I like Tiquan Underwood as much as the next guy but come on, he has only four catches in his career! Why would you trade one of your best two receivers. I know he has struggled some and hasn't been beating the bump and run very well. Also two games this year he hasn't had a catch. Even with his struggles there is no way you give up on him that quickly. Now I'm not saying I wouldn't trade him. I mean if someone call me up and offered a great deal than I would say see you later but I'm not trading him for a late round pick or even a midround pick for that matter.

Here's what Del Rio had to say about it,
"I actually called out one of the people that was involved in some of that being spread because that's garbage. False, not credible and it's disappointing to see stuff like that just go out be thrown out there haphazardly without anybody checking any sources.

"I'm disappointed that something like that would be out there for us to discuss. He's done a great job of continuing to play. ... We like the way he's working. There are no issues here. There are some being manufactured outside the building."

Rumors like this make you wonder where reporters get their information. I know Vic Ketchman likes to blame bloggers for starting this stuff but it seems like professional reporters are just as bad. Maybe Mortensen has it right but I can't see it.

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