Monday, October 4, 2010

Mike Ditka is clueless

This is the kind of stuff that really ticks me off. Mike Ditka former coach of the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints is now working for ESPN doing commentary. While he was doing the pregame show on ESPN Ditka made the comment about the Jaguars would probably have only 25,000 fans in the stands. This is the kind of uneducated statements that are really just unfair. In the first three games the Jaguars haven't had a blackout, but other teams have, and we have drawn over 60,000 for all of those games. Ditka you want to take a shot? How about this for a fact your Bears team which is in one of the biggest NFL markets has the smallest stadium, about 6,000 less seats than Everbank Field.

I know ESPN really doesn't care for Jacksonville, in fact it seems like if you're not in the NFC East they really don't care, but at least get your facts right.

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