Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just Play Well Baby

When I looked at the schedule at the beginning of the year I kind of thought that the Jaguars would be 1-3 at the end of the first quarter of the season.  I figured they would beat the Broncos and hoped that they would pull out one of the next three games.  If they could do that they would be off to a good start.

Going into Sunday's game versus the Colts it's still possible that the Jaguars do just that, so why is everyone in a "the sky is falling" mode?  Well all you have to do to figure that out is look at the last two games, in which the Jaguars loss by 25.  Two games in a row losing by 25 points right after trading Reggie Nelson who wore number 25, interesting.

The Jaguars don't have to win this game, though that would be nice, but they do need to play much better.  David Garrard really needs to step up his game or the heat may become unbearable for him.  The more David struggles the more newly acquired quarterback Trent Edwards will become the most loved quarterback since Mark Brunell.  Not that Edwards is any better but fans always love the backup when the starter is struggling.

If the Jaguars play well and win or even if they play a really good game and lose, the team should still continue to build momentum and sell tickets.  However if they get blown out again it could get ugly.  If they get blown out again fans will be streaming for David Garrard and Del Rio to both be ushered out.  Is that fair?  Does it really matter, that what most of the fans are going to want and make it known.

The other downside of getting blown out for a third straight week is ticket sales.  So far the Jaguars have played three home games and none of the them have been blacked out but with another blow out selling tickets would become more difficult.    The Monday night game versus the Titans you wouldn't think would be a problem but games versus the Browns and Raiders would be.

The bottom line is that the Jaguars really need to play well this game.  If they have a similar game to last year when the Colts came here it would be fine.  For right now we need to take that old Raider motto of  "just win baby" and change it to "just play well baby".

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