Monday, October 4, 2010

Jaguars surprising win

Who saw this coming? I mean really who really woke up Sunday morning feeling good about the Jaguars chances? I know I for one had went to the game just hoping the Jaguars would play well but really thinking it would be a blowout. The reason was obious the Jags had lost the last two games by a combined score of 66 to 16. In those two game the offense didn't seem to be able to tie their shoes much less put together any kind of threat. Also in all three game the Jaguars secondary looked bad, giving up touchdowns before the half in all three games.

So looking at Sunday's game I wanted to believe but the facts were that in the last two games the Jaguars couldn't move the ball and couldn't stop anybody and now Peyton Manning and the Colts were coming to town, bad news.

So what changed? How were the Jaguars able to win this game? They did three things that they had talked about. First the offensive game plan was good. You know the Colts have trouble stopping the run so MJD was going to get plenty of chances for a big day however more important than that was the way they used David Garrard. I loved the fact that they eased Garrard into the game. Most of his early passes were short high percentage passes. They set him up to get on a roll early. Also Garrard was moving around and using his feet to pick up first downs.

The second thing the Jaguars did was not give up the big play. The Colts did score 28 points but they had to work for them. They didn't get the quick strike like the Eagles, Chargers and even Broncos got against them.

Last things was they won the turnover battle. The Jaguars did not turn the ball in this game and caused two turnovers of their own.

Overall the Jaguars had a solid gameplan and did something they hadn't be able to do in the past two games, execute the gameplan. There is still plenty of room to grow but if they play like this the rest of the year, all of the games should be close and man is it nice to beat those Colts.

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