Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jaguars cut Todd Bouman

We all knew this was coming but the Jaguars have cut quarterback Todd Bouman. Bouman had to know his time was limited when the Jaguars picked up Trent Edwards. This must mean the team is comfortable with how much Edwards has picked up the playbook in the two weeks he's been here, as he is now the number two quarterback.

The Jaguars also signed C.J. Mosley a defensive lineman in his sixth year. I wonder with the Jags picking up Mosley is you will see them trade former first round pick Derrick Harvey. They don't seem to be pleased with his play and he has been benched for Jeremy Mincey, who there were questions if he'd even make the 53 man roster.

Maybe it's because I'm paying more attention this year but it seems like the Jaguars are making more moves than usual. It's becoming fun to watch the waver wire and start wondering who the Jags will show interest in next. Could it be Michael Lewis?

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