Friday, October 22, 2010

Interesting Weekend for the Jags

This weekend's game would of been interesting for the Jaguars anyway. They are coming off getting blown out again but this time in prime time at home. All Jaguars fans would of been watching closely to see how they would respond but now it's even more interesting because David Garrard is out.

Now the Jaguars will have to go to Kansas City with Trent Edwards and two guys signed off the street this week, Todd Bouman and Patrick Ramsey. It gets even more interesting because Edwards hurt his thumb on his throwing hand in Monday nights loss, so the Jaguars may have to start Tod Bouman. Bouman started the last three games of the 2005 season for the New Orleans Saints and I don't think he's thrown and NFL pass since then.

The Jaguars have won before with a quarterback who was far less the average. When Garrard went down a couple of years ago Quinn Gray beat Tampa Bay in Tampa. After that game a report asked Jack Del Rio about why the offense wasn't more balanced to which Del Rio replied with something like, We were balanced 20 runs to the left 20 runs to the right.

This will be a tough weekend but if the Jaguars want to have a chance to make a push for the postseason then this is a game that they probably are going to need to win. Hopefully Edwards will be able to get out there and play well and he doesn't and the other two don't either, well Quinn Gray is available.

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