Thursday, October 21, 2010

If I Ran PlayStation Part 1

Among gamers it seems like the cool thing to do is to pick on PlayStation. The PS3 is gaming system with so much potential that just seems to come up short. I for one like the PS3 and so I decided to write a series of articles of what I would do if I ran PlayStation. The first one is easy, put in cross game chat.

For years this has been the biggest knock on the PS3, which is why I'm surprised Sony hasn't already taken care of the problem but if I ran PlayStation it would be the first thing I fixed. Now it's easy to just say I'd fix it and not give how I would fix so here's how I fix it, Skype.

Sony already has some sort of relationship with Skype. The PSP comes with Skype on the device and you can make calls from your PSP. So why not just bundle it in with the PS3? Then Sony can use a good system that's already in place. Imagine what you could do if you could use Skype on your PS3. All you would have to do is sign up for a Skype account if you didn't already have one. After you have an account simply use the Skype to Skype call on your PS3 and you have cross game chat. I'm not sure what Skype's limit is to how many people can be in a call at once but I've been in a call with eight people before.

Also think of this possibility, you and friends are playing but one of your buddies isn't there yet, so if you have Skype out simply call him on his cell phone and now he's in the party chat with you but he's on the phone. That would take the Xbox Live feature of cross game chat everyone wants and take it up a notch.

There are a couple of issues but they should be easy to fix. The big issue I see is that most people wouldn't be able to get a Skype name that's the same as their PSN name. All this would take to fix is using your friends list like an address book. When click on a name, let's say BIGDEZ, it know's that BIGDEZ's Skype name is Imanoob and calls him. It would take some programing on Sony's part but not that hard to do.

The first day on the job and I've taken care of one of the PS3's biggest problems, cross game chat. Now I wonder what I'll do on the next day at the office.

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