Sunday, October 31, 2010

Del Rio to be fired?

Rumors are flying all over the place about Jack Del Rio being fired after the Dallas game if the Jaguars are blown out again. The Jaguars this season are 3-4, which isn't too bad considering they are rebuilding however it's they way the four losses have gone that causes concern. In the four losses the Jaguars have loss by 25, 25, 27, and 22 points and in three of those losses the Jaguars looked so far out of sync it was sad.

The defense is Del Rio's baby and that's been a huge problem. Ever since Mike Smith left for Atlanta the Jaguars defense seems to be on a downward slide. It's because of the defense that Del Rio may be near the end.

Now if you listen to the podcast you know that I'm not a big fan of firing a coach in the middle of the year however if you were going to do this would be the week. After the Dallas game the Jaguars have a bye week, which would be the time to make a change, giving the new coach two weeks to take charge. Rumor is that Dirk Koetter would take over as head coach for the rest of the year.

Garrard also should be sweating bullets because Del Rio has his back but a new coach may send him to the bench. Especially after Todd Bouman last week looked good and showed some of what this offense could do. I'm not saying Bouman would be the starter but he or Edwards would probably get the nod.

Last week it was interesting because of our quarterbacks and now this week it's the head coach. I guess we will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to see if Del Rio is to be fired mid season.

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