Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another bust

Derrick Harvey is now heading to the bench to give Jeremy Mincey some more playing time. This isn't as much as Mincey playing well but more of Harvey continuing not producing. At this point I don't think it would surprise anyone if Harvey was traded sometime this year or before the draft. Harvey is now the latest in first round bust for the Jaguars. In the Shack Harris drafts which were 2003-2008 the Jaguars drafted Byron Leftwich, Reggie Williams, Matt Jones, Marcedes Lewis, Reggie Nelson, and Derrick Harvey. Of those first round draft picks only Lewis and Harvey are still on the team and now Harvey has one foot out the door.

Just for fun lets see what the Jaguars drafts could of been like during those years. I am going to pick players that were picked after the Jaguars drafted but still in the first round, to show you what this team could have been. How about these guys as draft picks Troy Polamalu, Will Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Marcedes Lewis, Brandon Meriweather and either Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie or Chris Johnson in 2008.

One year Harris got it right with Lewis and followed that up by picking MJD in the second round. However could you image if the Jaguars would of drafted these guys instead. To be fair it's always easier to look back and make better picks but you have to have your first round picks be guys that are starters on your team. Not only are these guys not starters , except Lewis, but most of them aren't even on the team anymore.

The reason I did this was to make a point of how bad Shack Harris or whoever really had command during those years really screwed this team up. This team is hurting for talent and it's going to take a couple of drafts to regroup after all of those misses. With that said it does look like the team is heading in the right direction now and that is something to be excited about as a Jaguars fan.

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