Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Jaguars are awarded Trent Edwards

Today the Jaguars were awarded Trent Edwards off of wavers from the Buffalo Bills.  There were several teams who put in a claim for Edwards but because the Jaguars had the worse record, they were awarded him.  So what does this mean for the Jaguars?  Well it could mean a couple of different things.  Most likely they will cut Todd Bouman to make room for Edwards.  However they may cut someone else and keep Bouman for a few weeks until Edwards learns the system.

If the Jaguars keep Bouman until Edwards learns the system that could be interesting.  When Edwards is then ready, do the Jaguars cut Bouman or shop David Garrard to see if anyone would be willing to give us something for him.  I know that sounds unlikely but Gene Smith got something for Reggie Nelson.

If I were the Jaguars I would try to turn Garrard around and pray he has several good games and then I would start shopping him.  After all he was a Pro Bowl quarterback last year (look good on paper anyway.)

The next couple of day to weeks will be very interesting.  I am also interested in seeing how Trent Edwards will play.  If nothing else the Jaguars strengthen themselves by picking up a solid backup.

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