Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Naughty Bear

In Naughty Bear you play a bear name Naughty, who the other bears don't seem to like. They never invite him to parties and such so Naughty grabs a weapon and he beats the stuffing out of the other bears. It's a cool concept but falls short in many ways.

In the beginning you play through a short one stage section that walks you through some of the controls and then tells you what you need to do in the level. Most of Naughty Bears levels are broken down into two parts. The first part you have to set traps, sabotage things, and punish other bears. For doing these things you get naughty points and to clear the first stage you need so many naughty points to move on. Usually getting enough points to clear the first stage is pretty easy however if you are going after the trophies you may want to spend some more time racking up points. If you get enough points you will unlock bronze, silver, gold, or platinum trophies. By earning trophies you unlock different bears and different levels. Each bear you unlock has a different costume and different abilities. Some are better at hiding or can take more damage and such. There are seven levels each with several challenge levels.

To earn more naughty points you have to do things like set traps or attach a bear while he is trying to fix something that you have sabotaged. Also if you decide to scare them instead of kill them you can drive them crazy, which gives you more points. If you scare a bear after he's crazy he will kill himself. You can tell if a bear is crazy because there are white bubble floating around his head.

The next level you usually have to take a certain bear out and make sure he doesn't escape. When the bears know you are there they can escape in a car or a boat. Once they get in the vehicle you have so many seconds to stop them before they take off. Sometimes it doesn't matter if they get away but in some missions it will. If the bear escapes that you are suppose to kill you lose.

The first mission on each level is pretty simple but after that there are challenge levels in which you have to do certain things in the level. The different challenge modes include not being seen by a bear, not getting hurt at all, time trail, and killer mode which you have to kill all the bears with any of them escaping.

This game has a lot of flaws. The camera is horrible and I have been hitting a bear through a window before and all of a sudden I'm inside as I went through the wall. It is also very repetitive. Some of the object kills are very cool but that's all you do. I have put over five hours into it and still think it's fun even though it is repetitive and glitchy. Some of the achievements I thought were a nice touch to give extra replay value. This game is a rental or buy very cheap. The idea was good but it needed some more work.

Questionable Content [Rating:1/5]
There isn't any bad language in this game or blood. When you are hitting a bear you see fluff flying. However it is violent in that you are beating teddy bears to death and something the bears will put a gun to their head and pull the trigger. It's clean but if this kind of cartoon violence is too much you may want to stay away.

Achievements [Rating:2.5/5]
It is miss leading when you look at the achievements because they look easy to get. Most of them you can get but it will take you a lot of playing time to unlock them. I have about five hours into this game and I'm at 250 points. You need to play with the list sitting next to you to make sure you kill certain bears the right way to get extra points.

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