Friday, June 11, 2010

Del Rio or Draft?

If you have listened to the podcast you know at the end of last year I was ready for Del Rio to get the ax. For all the time he's been here, the Jaguars have been an average team only making the playoffs once. Most coaches with his record would of been fired. However I got to wondering this offseason is it Del Rio or the way the Jaguars have drafted?

Over the past several years the Jaguars have been one of if not the worst drafting teams in the NFL. From the Shack Harris era the only first rounders still on the team are Reggie Nelson and Marcedes Lewis and Nelson is on his last legs here.

With the lack of talent that the Jaguars have brought in you would have to think that Del Rio has done a good job just making this team .500.

People on the other side may question Del Rio's ability to grow players. Were all these players busts or if they had a different coach would they have grown into good NFL players. This question takes us back to the Leftwich days when the question was if Byron was that bad or was it the wide receivers.

This year will go along way to determining Del Rio's future with the Jaguars. I personally don't think he has to make the playoffs but I do think the team needs to show improvement. If Del Rio has this team finishing strong I think he gets another year but if the Jaguars finish like they did last year it will be hit the road Jack.

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