Friday, June 11, 2010

Building the Right Way

With ticket sales the way they are it would be easy for Gene Smith and the Jaguars to draft "sexy" picks. Picking players in position that would excite even the modest fan. Instead in the last two drafts the Jaguars have used their top picks to draft some of the most "unsexy" positions on the team but they are doing it the right way.

Not many fans get excited about drafting offensive linemen. Yet in Gene Smith's first draft that's what he drafted. With his first pick in the 2009 draft he got Eugene Monroe and followed that up with Eben Britton. Then this year the Jaguars focused on what I would consider the second most "unsexy" position on the team (other than kickers) and thats the middle of the defensive line by drafting Tyson Alualu in the first and then using their next pick to get D'Anthony Smith.

I bring all this out to draw out the point that the Jaguars could of made picks that might would of drawn more fans but instead went with a solid plan to build a winning team. Just about any coach or GM will tell you that good football teams are built in the trenches.

I for one am very excited that the Jaguars made the picks they did. Also I am very much looking forward to see how last years rookie grow this year and of course how well this years crop of rookies will fair.

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