Saturday, May 15, 2010

Homerun Challenge

Who doesn't like playing a Homerun Derby?  Homerun Challenge is an Indie game on the Xbox marketplace, which uses your avatar.  Unlike Homerun Derby you don't just get points for hitting homeruns but also for hitting targets and stringing together homeruns.  You get a point for every homerun you hit plus extra points for how many homeruns you have hit in a row.  If it's your third homerun in a row give yourself an extra 3 points.  There are also targets in the outfield to aim for and if you hit the scoreboard that will give you another 20 points.

To keep you off guard there are three different pitches.  The regular pitch, which moves very slow, a red ball pitch, which is a fastball, and a blue ball pitch, slow ball.  The regular pitch is slow enough but the slow pitch fells like it takes for ever to get to the plate.

When you hit five homers in a row you get a red bat and bonuses for every homerun you hit until you miss one.  There are also leader boards but they don't work very well.  I can see my leader board for myself fine but when I go to my friends list leader board I'm the only one that shows up.  I know that I'm not the only one of my friends  who has this because built into the game is a way to brag about how good you are by spamming your score to your friends list.

This game is 80 microsoft points and is worth it.  I've already spend about an hour playing it and will be spending much more time with it.  I hope they get the friends list leader board fixed because trying to stay on top of that leaderboard would keep people coming back to this game.

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