Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Splinter Cell Broken?

I just picked up my copy of Splinter Cell and was excited about getting a chance to play as Sam Fischer for the first time. I put the game in and the game looks great. I'm really loving the sneaking around taking guys out and then it happens, the game freezes. First time ok it's probably my Xbox, so I turn it off and back on and start playing again. Same exact point game freezes. I turn it off and back on again but this time my game save is gone.

This could be my Xbox or the game it's hard to tell. It was funny that at the exact same part of the game it froze. It froze right after the first spot you get to upgrade your weapons. I started to play through some of it again but really having to start over wasn't what I wanted to have to do right now so, I'll have to pick it later.

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