Monday, February 1, 2010

Tebow and Jags: Bad fit for both

I'm not sure about you but I'm sick of hearing about Tim Tebow from both sides.  You know on one side are the people that think that Tebow will come into Jacksonville with a smile and save the franchise.  The other group of people don't seem to think that Tebow is skilled enough to be a NFL waterboy.  I seem to think that Tebow could be a good to great NFL quarterback, I don't think that will happen in Jacksonville.

If the Jaguars were to draft Tim Tebow they are drafting a lot of problems.  Not problems that Tebow himself will bring but that the fans will bring.  As soon as David Garrard or the offense has a bad day then the fans will be up in arms wanting Tim Tebow to start.  If you don't think so it was already starting to happen last season while Tebow was in college!

The problem with this is that it creates a divided fan base and could be a problem in the locker room.  Also it is very unfair to David Garrard who did just play in his first Pro Bowl (ok so maybe he didn't deserve to go but he played well.)  So now you have a big problem.

Tebow really needs to go someplace that he can be a backup for awhile and work on his game.  Somewhere that he isn't expected to step up and play right away.  The Colts would be a great place not only cause he wouldn't be expected to start but also because he could learn for Peyton Manning.

Bottom line is if the Jaguars office is smart they pass on Tebow.  Let him go somewhere that works better for him and save the francise the headache of a divided fanbase.

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