Monday, February 15, 2010

iType not for me

I am looking for a keyboard to work with my iPhone.  I'm trying to do this to fight off the urge to get an iPad.  Since one of the things I would like to do the most on my iPhone is to use wordpress, a keyboard would be great.  While searching I found this iType. At first I thought the design looked cool.  Yes it is big and there are flaws but I liked it.  The fact that I could put my iPhone into this and have a full keyboard seemed pretty nice.  Plus it charges your phone from the iType's battery.

It's not out for sale yet but the price point is rumored to be about $70.  Again I thought that the price wasn't bad either and I would be willing to pick it up but then the kick in the pants.  Because of Apples strickness with how they let things work, this keyboard would only work in the one app and then you would have to copy everything and paste it.  Dang.  So close to a cool looking keyboard, only to fall short.

It's problably for the best anyway.  While I like the design of this keyboard the fact that it is so big would most likely keep me from having it with me.  So in the long run, I think I would be better off to get a keyboard that is much smaller.  Hats off for a good idea and who knows, if it ever comes out I still may pick one up.

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