Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I want the iPad

ipadIt's been a couple of week since Apple announced their new toy the iPad.  I was kind of hoping that after all the excitement wore off that I wouldn't see a need or a want for the iPad however that's not the case.  As someone who is always writing something in wordpress this seems like a great tool to carry around with me and write.  Also I spend hours reading my iPhone and this would make reading that so much better.  There are so many things that I use a computer for that I could see this replacing or being easier to use.  Like when I get stuck in a video game watching a youtube clip on it or reading a website to help me get past that part.

One of the biggest things that I am excited about it the ebook reader.  I have always wanted a Kindle but never could justify the cost.  It simply cost too much money for an electronic device that can just read books on Amazon.  With this you can read books that are one iTunes or Amazon.  Also the way the book reader worked by flipping pages looked really neat.

The downside is the price.  Yeah it is less than what I was expecting but it is going to take me a couple of months to save up my spending money in order to buy this.  Even though it launches in late March it's going to be April or maybe even May before I'll be able to get my hands on one.

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