Monday, February 1, 2010

Dark Void

In Dark Void you play the part of Will Grey, who is a pilot with a interesting past. At the very beginning you are hired, only to find out one of your passengers is an old flame, Ava. During the flight Will has to fly through the Bermuda triangle and the plane goes down. There Will finds himself with Ava in a new world. It doesn't take long for Will to figure out what's happening in this "void". This land is ran by robots called the Watchers. The humans or survivors left either worship the Watchers as gods or some of them are planning a revolt to take over the land.

The story line in Dark Void is predictable. The hero has kind of shady past but seems to try to do the right thing most of the time. Very much like Nathan Drake from Uncharted which is fitting because Will Grey is voiced by Nolan North, the same guy who voiced Drake.

The controls are somewhat hard to get use to when flying. The takeoffs seem to be a joke. Even after getting use to the jet pack there is no taking off slowly. Every time you take off it jerks you and most of the time if you are in close quarters you will find yourself flying into walls. Also there is no auto lock when taking out ships so this can be a bit challenging. After playing a bit you do get the hang of flying and it's not that bad.

When you are not flying it's a third person shooter. The shooting control work fine and there is even a cover mechanic that works very well also. The boards do have some variety from one to the next. There is also quite a bit of jumping which works fine.

Overall [Rating:2.5/5]
This game is just ok. The storyline is very predicable and the bosses aren't that challenging. The controls can get in the way at times making it difficult. I died several times just because of the controls.
Bad Language [Rating:1/5]
There wasn't much if any bad language, really I don't remember any bad language at all. However the back of the box did say mild language so it gets a star.
Achievements [Rating:4/5]
570 points in about 8 hours. There were several that I could of gotten if I would of tried. You could easily get over 600 in one play through.






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