Wednesday, January 27, 2010

David Garrard to the Pro Bowl?

Yes it is true David Garrard will be a Pro Bowler this year however it’s only because so many other players backed out. Which makes we wonder a couple of things. First should it go into his stats that he was a Pro Bowler? I mean he’s playing in the game but only because so many other people didn’t want to make the trip. Do all the quarterbacks who turned down the chance to go ahead of Garrard also get to call themselves Pro Bowlers? If so the AFC could have 8 Pro Bowl quarterbacks this year.

That brings me to my other question, why play the game? The NFL’s Pro Bowl has become one of the biggest joke in sports. Most players want to get voted into the game but don’t want to go to the game. Why not do away with the game and just give the players the title if they are a top vote getter. I think this is something that the NFL has to really look into in the next couple of years. I don’t know many people who even watch the Pro Bowl. I know this year they are trying to make it better by having it the week before the Super Bowl, which is a good idea, but if this doesn’t work then I say give the players the title and drop the game.

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