Sunday, November 8, 2009

Do Blackouts really work

Blackout has gotten to be a bad word in Jacksonville as all of the Jaguars games have been blacked out. My question is do they really work? The NFL's thought is that by blacking out the games you have to go to the game to see it but if you don't have enough fans to go to the games how are you going to get more?

As I sit here listening to the Jaguars vs Chiefs game I got to wondering if I wasn't already a fan would I listen to the game? The answer would be no. By not having the games on TV more and more fans will lose interest and that only makes things worse.

The NFL really needs to take a close look at this. How many people really go to the game because they can't see it on TV? I would think that there wouldn't be many these days. Also because your not on TV you start to lose the kids. You know the future fan base of your team. So the negative effects of blackouts keeps going.

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