Friday, November 20, 2009

COD to be the next Guitar Hero?

You know that old saying, "Always leave them wanting more,"  well Activision doesn't.  We found that out quickly with Guitar Hero and the 20 games a year that Activision puts out for that.  Now it looks like COD might be going the same way.  In a story talking about the successful launch of Modern Warfare 2 it was announced that there is now along with Treyarch and Infinity Ward, a third team to put out COD games.

So what does this mean?  Nobody seems to really be sure but there are a couple of rumors out there.  One is that the COD series will come out with two games a year.  Another rumor is that they are looking into making a Call of Duty MMO.

We will have to wait to see what Activision has planned for this third team but hopefully their plan isn't to run COD into the ground by putting out too many games like they did with Gutiar Hero.


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