Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Wet is an over the top shooter that tries to have an artsy feel.  You play as Ruby a gun for hire.  Ruby is very agile and very dangerous.  She can shoot while jumping, running on the wall, or sliding across the floor.  Also hit X at any time and she starts slashing people to bits.  This game goes for an artsy feel in that the picture looks like it's being shown on an old projector, you know scratchy and grainy.  Also when you fail or die the film burns or breaks off the reel.

This game is way over the top and you get that right away.  In the second level Rudy is jumping from car to car ,on the highway, while taking out bad guys.   Wet does mix up shooting, sword play, timed jumps and some quick time events.  The downside is this game is very repetitive.  After a few levels you know what's coming.   There are one or two boards that are a little different but for the most part the all end the same.

The game does work pretty well and the story is passable.  However there is plenty of curse words and I mean the big ones.  Also there is plenty of blood and no filter to turn either off.  Also for some unknown reason there is a scene that Rudy is in a cut off shirt and panties.   No reason why she is dressed this way but just a heads up it's in there.   One play through will get you about 300 to 350 on easy and will take about 6 to 8 hours.

If you love shooters and are looking for something to play you will have some fun with Wet but I would not buy it, it is a rent at best.

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